Fried Tofu V
  Deep fried soft tofu, served with mild chili, tamarind and crushed peanut sauce.  
102. Thai Toast 8.-
  Seasoned ground chicken on white bread, dipped in egg and deep fried until golden brown. Served with chopped cucumber and red onion in mild chili sauce.  
Crispy Spring Roll V
  Sautéed cabbage, carrot, celery, black-fungus and clear noodle hand rolled in a spring-roll wrapper (wheat), deep fried until golden brown. Served with mild chili sauce.  
104. Chicken Sa-Tay 8.-
  Grilled marinated chicken in home-style sauce on bamboo skewer, serves with peanut sauce and cucumber chutney.  
Miang Kum G
  Roasted coconut, diced cooked shrimp, lime, fresh ginger, peanut and sweet palm sauce wrapped in fresh green leaf.  
106. Cheese & Shrimp Roll 8.-
  Crispy fried mixture of cream cheese, shrimp, carrot and imitation crab meat in spring-roll wrapper (wheat).  
107. Chicken Curry Puff 8.-
  Deep fried mixture of diced chicken, sweet potato and curry powder wrap in puff pastry.  
Chicken Wing* G
  Deep fried chicken wing tossed in sweet and spicy house sauce.  
109. Vegan Wing** 8.-
  Deep fried fresh cauliflower dipped in wheat batter with your choice of Bangkok Street Style or Sriracha-Honey sauce.  

Side Order

S-1. Jasmine White Rice 1.50
S-2. Jasmine Brown Rice 2.00
S-3. Steam Rice Noodle 1.50
S-4. Steam Sticky Rice 2.50
S-5. Steam Mixed Vegetable (seasonal) 4.00
S-6. Peanut Sauce 4 oz. 2.00
S-7. Small Bowl of Egg Fried Rice 5.00
S-8. Fried Egg 2.00


* Mild – ** Spicy

V – indicates Vegan. G – indicates Gluten-free.

No Trans Fat – No MSG Added
Prices and ingredients are subject to change without notice. Some items may not be available.
Fish or Seafood Dish may take up to 30 minutes to prepare.
We offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to complement your meal.