All Entrees served with steamed Jasmine White or Brown Rice

Your Choice: Vegetables, Fried or Soft Tofu, Chicken or Pork 11.-
Beef or Tilapia 13.-
Shrimp 15.-
Seafood Combination (Shrimp + Scallop + Squid + Tilapia) 17.-

Panang Curry601. Panang Curry **
Crimson, dry, rich, thick curry stewed with small amounts of coconut milk with your choice of meat and finely sliced lime leave.

Red Curry602. Red Curry **
Thai red curry simmered with coconut milk with your choice of meat, zucchini, bamboo shoot, green bean and basil leave.

Green Curry603. Green Curry **
Traditional Thai classic green curry with coconut milk with your choice of meat, green bean, bamboo shoot, Chinese eggplant, mushroom and basil leave.

604. Yellow Curry *
Famous Thai yellow curry “Gaeng Karii” in coconut milk slowly cooked with your choice of meat, potato and yellow onion. Serves with cucumber sauce.

Masaman Curry605. Masaman Curry *
Masaman has many characteristics of Southern Thai cooking, the curry is moderately spicy; with the sweet flavor and spices dominate, it also has a sour taste from tamarind. The curry paste is slowly cooked in coconut milk with your choice of meat, potato, and roasted peanut.

606. Pineapples Curry**
Thai red curry paste in coconut milk with your choice of meat, pineapple chunk, tomato and basil leave.

Jungle Curry607. Jungle Curry ***
A very spicy curry, common to the countryside of Northern Thailand, cooked in water with your choice of meat, baby corn, eggplant, mushroom, bamboo shoot, green bean, fresh pepper corn, lime and basil leave.

Side Order

S-1. Jasmine White Rice 1.50
S-2. Jasmine Brown Rice 2.00
S-3. Steam Rice Noodle 1.50
S-4. Steam Sticky Rice 2.50
S-5. Steam Mixed Vegetable (seasonal) 4.00
S-6. Peanut Sauce 2.00
S-7.Cucumber Chutney 1.50
S-8. Small Bowl of Egg Fried Rice 5.00
S-9. Fried Egg 2.00

* Mild – ** Spicy

No Trans Fat – No MSG Added
Prices and ingredients are subject to change without notice. Some items may not be available.
Fish or Seafood Dish may take up to 30 minutes to prepare.
We offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to complement your meal.